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October 28, 2013 23:16

DAX Swing Long Update; 28th October 2013

Posted in: FTSE

You may have spotted there was no trading round-up over the Weekend just gone. This was simply due to the fact no new trades have been taken and the suggested swing trades I had lined up either didn’t provide what I was looking for on smaller time frames to enter, or, I missed the entries and decided to let them go.

There are a couple of swing set-ups I’d like to focus on over the next couple of days and I’ll post further details ahead of entries if they start going to plan.

In the meantime DAX may find resistance at this upper trend line and therefore I’m watching with a view to exiting the 2nd half of the swing long which currently shows 506 points profit. I will give it a couple of days as there’s bound to be initial weakness (which is worth day trading on the short side) even ahead of an eventual break higher:

DAX Daily 28th Oct 2013

1 Comment on "DAX Swing Long Update; 28th October 2013"
  1. Site Administrator
    October 31, 2013 at 22:43
    RS2OOO says:

    Due to having other commitments on FOMC day I set a limit order to close the 2nd half of the DAX swing long at 9072 on the basis we’d see a spike higher ahead of profit taking.

    We certainly saw exactly that, but unfortunately price only achieved 9071 therefore missing my limit order by 1 measly point!

    Today however I decided to call it a day on this trade and have now closed the 2nd half for a profit of 582 points.

    Taking account of the previously closed 1st half of the trade, an overall realised aggregate profit of 543 points was taken, making this my most successful swing trade of 2013 so far.

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